Wee Man was here.

Seriously, what an amazingly nice guy.
There was a bit of a wait, but he walked in with this infectious big smile and everyone was just happy.

He signed our movies, took pictures with my kids..

and YES. He held the sock! With a smile.

We LOVE Wee Man!Wee Man and the sockwee man and the kids


Or something anyways.

So yes, I spent the day in the kitchen dyeing more yummy yarns. None of them are dry yet so I can’t show you.

I also learned today that Wee Man (of Jackass fame) is coming here. HERE here, like a block from my house here. I’m going to see if he is amenable to holding a sock-in-progress for a picture. I am inexplicably excited about this prospect, and I have no earthly idea why I am so amused by this plan. Then again, I did rewatch BOTH Jackass movies in…uh… preparation(?) and I do feel reasonably certain that this will not be the strangest thing he has ever been asked to do. So, more on that tomorrow.

Now, since I have knit absolutely not one stitch in two days, I have an Eliza Dushku movie and a lace shawl awaiting some attention.

Wish me some celebrity-sock luck!

Yarn PrOn!!

First, some lace weight merino. Like Wine and Roses…
And the Shire.

Then sock yarn.
Loch Ness.



Plum Perfection.

People Eater.

And last but not least, Strawberry Milk.

Now I’m going to go dye some more. Tonight I’m aiming for a good absinthe green for a KAL.

And baby makes two.

No, not me (I’ve enough children thanks) the chameleon!!


Meet the new addition. Sweet, isn’t he? He needs a name.

Also, as promised…


The peacock feathers blob shawl.  I really want to pin it out and take proper pictures, but..  well, no actually I don’t.  I want better pictures, I’m just unwilling to put that kind of effort into it.  See, the only needle I have free in the right size is only 24″.   I’m not going to put the whole thing on waste yarn just for the sake of a progress picture.  It will just have to remain lumpy and blobby until it is time to block it.    Heh, come to think of it, the logistics of knitting this whole thing on a 24″ needle may end up problematic when I get into the longer rows, but let’s just ignore that for now, shall we? 

OOH..I also spent a large part of my day reskeining new yummy colors for the shop and I’m taking pictures of those tomorrow!  More yarnprOn!!

Yes, I’ve been bad and neglected the blog.  That stops now I promise.  It was just a funk, and it has passed.

My mother’s visit went amazingly well.  We went all sorts of fun places, and visited and played with the kids and we didn’t fight at all.  That, my friends, is progress.   One of us must be growing up!  I do have some pictures from her trip, but I’ve not gotten into them and done the necessary editing and resizing, so they may come on a later (read: lacking in blog fodder) day.

Now, let us see. Project updates:

1-   I have temporarily abandoned the Gathering Intentions Malabrigo sweater of yum – halfway through the sleeves.  This is a weather related decision.  It has gotten HOT here lately, and a lapful of wool is just not pleasant right now.  That will resume when it cools off again.

2-  I finally finished up my level 2 Master Hand Knitter submission and mailed it off.  I am positive that I will have resubmits to do, so when the letter arrives letting me know how much needs tending to, I’ll post that here.

3- Without the pressure of the MHK work, and lacking a large sweater project, I decided to cast on something difficult and time-consuming to eat up my knitting-brain-power while I wait for my submission to come back.  I cast on (FINALLY) for the Peacock Feathers Shawl.   I think I’m about halfway through it.  It is fascinating and fun on the knit rows.  The purl rows suck big purple donkey donk.  (pictures to follow in a later post because my camera battery is charging right now and I don’t have any.   :P)

Now to the point.

I knitted a chameleon.


I also knitted a hermit crab and Gary from Spongebob.



I have to tell you, this amigurumi stuff is ADDICTIVE.  Small complicated projects that fill you with a sense of accomplishment and joy in a matter of days – tis a beautiful thing.  I highly recommend you all check out Hansi Singh’s book Amigurumi Knits.  AMAZING patterns.

Next time, more peektures.  Promise!

Since Easter, really?

I know, no updates. Unfortunately, that is not going to change because my mom is here visiting and I’m going to be out and about for the week. I’ll be sure and tell you about it when the vacation is over.

Take care!

Busy weekend, lots of activity. That said, I wanted to show you my favorite part of this weekend.


I’m not sure what it was about this year that made it different than before.  Maybe it is that they have gotten old enough to well and truly remember last year.  They had memories and excitement to build on and I got to just sit back and watch them enjoy it.  It was really special.